About Me

I live and work as a creative professional in the midwest. The Visual Editor at The Journal Gazette, I also teach visual journalism at IPFW and keep busy with freelance editorial and graphic design projects.

I was happy when Editor & Publisher named me one of 2012's 25 Under 35, but my real joy comes in working with my fantastic staff every day.

Email me at laraneel at mac daht com.

Math4Knitters/Lara Neel Designs

I published over 150 free patterns in three years for the Math4Knitters: Crafty Living blog. Now, I'm offering select, test-knit (and/or tech edited) patterns for sale. The easiest way to reach me is on Ravelry, but my design portfolio is on Jux.


Knit Edge, Issue 2 (Square Route Mitts)

Petite Purls, Issue 14 (Magic Trick Baby Sweater)

Ennea Collective, June, 2012 (PB&J Cowl)

Knitty Spring + Summer, 2012 (Tootsie Socks)

From Lara Neel Designs:

Bellybutton Baby Blanket

Eulalia Shawl

Firebird Flight Shawl

Hold Me Close Shawl

Mediety Cardigan

Schaad Hat

Sunday Morning Slippers

Sweetest Heart Socks